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A Woman8Thief8Mage.
Elaz doesn't like any of these, and I try to Roleplay as such a character, so NO Offence! Most of you are great fer playing RO ~

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Elazul's Logg
18th June 2003

Hello hello *waves* Hm..well. Lettse. No real updates again fer awhile *ack* /omg

!! I've had this site up fer a year now^_^ and almost 100k visitors *dies*

Anyway, I updated the photobook again^^ and updated the section about my chars.

Also I found 2 spriteartworks at the computer home that's not feautured here. I'll add em aswell^^

Oh and! I'm working on my sprite comic! Finnally ^_^ I finished episode one and am thinkign abotu posting it in an upcoming section~

Ingame news:

I Made knight again, sometime ago. Soon up to my former lvl aswell.

My good friend Zareth married his Indou yesterday^_^ I hope you guys enjoyed the alcohol I gave yah~!

Guild wise; I left Prontera Frontier and joined up with Legacy, my and Raiko's new project. Its been undergoing a long period but that's to Kokushi we finanly got an emp to create the ingame guild. More about that later thou.

However, I'll still be an active member of the maintaiance of both guilds. to Visit Prontera Frontier, please use this way:

Gonna start write an Ingame diary section btw ;P just fer the fun of it. More reading fer you^_^ Not sure how I'll make it yet...might ask Scara if I can add that section to her webspace since mine doens't allow php files. This means I can update it more easily than this *thinks*

29th May 2003

Just a smaller notice:

Profit gave me a Kitty HB ;_; !!!!!!

Waaaaai, thanx so much prof ^^

And on Sakray I got the following chars^^;

Elazul, Shazna and Ghost


29th May 2003

Hello all!

It's time fer an update!

Due to school, and RO, I've been lazy again^^;

(new ppl in the Photo Album ~!)

And Eskad made me this very cute spriteedeting^_^ Thanx a bunch ~!

First of all, I'd like to thanks everyones kind words, in the GB, thru e-mails and PMing me ingame..yet again^^ Muahahah I'm getting sentimental XD

So, alot has been happening lately. As fer my characters, Elaz is now restarted and lvl 45. Didn't take too long since I found a great friend named Cali Gari (hunter) who's helping me out, and also made friends with his friend MrBubble, an Priest. They are great^^

Nenkaras went dying, and SimonTheSorcerer recreated his old Alpha/beta guild "Prontera Front" only under the new name Prontera Frontier ^_^ Either me or Scara will make a banner so I can link it. Till then:

Prontera Frontier's guildpage

Also, I enver had to camp eclips, Smar got 2 cutiebands and gave one to meee! I was the happiest^^ really^_^ Lots of Hugs fer him ~!

and best so FAR! We will finnaly get p2p with Sakray and everything^^ Gravity has also told us thatc haracters, items and such is beeing kept ~ so no more eclipse fer me XD Hopefully.

P2P starts on June 1st ..so no more lagg, lamers, freeloaders... you name it. I'm so looking forwards to this^^

Oh and, Gravity used my old Elazul Knight CG Das Wandern fer a loading screen O_O I was so surprised^__^ But It sorta inspired me to draw another CG after saying I'd never CG ever again because I suck at it... and I must say, I think I finnaly found my CG coloring style^^