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Welcome to the Suikoden Tips & Tricks page. Warning! This page contains some "spoilers," so if you'd rather discover the magic of Suikoden all on your own, do not scroll down any further...

If you have some tips you would like to submit, send mail to, and if it is something I have never seen before, I will credit you as a contributor.

Thanks go to Graywolf for sending me a new Teo quote, who has a site: Siegfreid's Domain . Thanks also to Steve Kalliavas for another new Teo quote, and to Selby Mong for reminding me of the Recharge trick. Chockboard's site, Toran Castle, provided some of the info presented here on Sansuke's Sauna and the antiques. Wild Elk first brought the tricks from this page to my attention. The new info on saving Pahn (how to get Teo to do more Desperate Attacks) was submitted by Mr.Bugs, ICQ UIN 2319196. This info can also be found at: .

Use For Binoculars
The binoculars are obtained by recruiting Ivanov from Milich's Scarletecia and giving him all the different colors of paint he needs to finish his mural. Once the mural is complete, he will show his gratitude by giving you the party item "Binoculars."

At any time in a normal battle, use the second controller to manipulate the camera angle. Below are pics of the Triangle Button, Square Button, no buttons, Circle Button, and X Button, respectively.

Square Neutral Circle


Special Scenes in Sansuke's Sauna
Special scenes may be found when taking a bath in Sansuke's Sauna if you have the proper antiques.

Hex Dolls or Japanese Dishes can be won from Killer Rabbits in the area between Kwaba and Garan (near Seika, Kaku, Kouan, etc.). Persian Lamps can be won from Robot Soldiers in Lepant's Mansion in Kouan.

"Special" Ending
Simply recruit all the 108 Stars of Destiny. All characters MUST be alive, however, and that includes Pahn and Gremio.

Be warned, however, that the "special ending" is not very special at all. I won't say much, but the only difference is the very final scene.

How to Revive Gremio
In order to revive Gremio, you simply have to recruit all the other 108 Stars of Destiny before the final [Army vs. Army] battle versus Yuber's troops and keep them alive. That means that you cannot lose characters during a major battle and you cannot lose Pahn. Read on to find out how to save Pahn.


As your troops prepare for the final battle against Yuber's Army, all the characters will gather for a meeting. Leknaat will appear, and, if the above criteria are met, she will summon the power of the Stars of Destiny to revive Gremio.

How to Save Pahn
About midway through the game, Pahn is forced to confront his former master, General Teo. Teo is very strong, and Pahn has an excellent chance of losing and being out of the game forever. There is no way to revive any dead characters except for Gremio.

Pahn will face Teo in a one-on-one battle. Basically, the best strategy to survive the battle is to merely level up Pahn as much as possible and keep Defending. A more sure and efficient method makes use of the table provided below:

Teo's Quote Teo's Action Recommended Action
"Finish me with a single blow!" Desperate Attack Defend
"Impossible! Take that!" Desperate Attack Defend
"If you don't attack, I will!" Desperate Attack Defend
"The next one will be more painful." Desperate Attack Defend
"My sword is the Emperor's sword. No mercy, Pahn!" Desperate Attack Defend
"My killer blade..." Desperate Attack Defend
"The numbness in my hands, it's real." Attack Defend
"Is that all you've got? Now it's my turn!" Attack Defend
"All you can do is defend yourself, Pahn? No mercy!" Attack Defend
"Pretty good, Pahn." Attack Defend
"My sword's not rusty yet." Attack Defend
"Get serious, Pahn. This is how it's done." Attack Defend
"Did you see me coming?" Attack Defend
"I'm losing my cool. Better be careful." Defend Attack
"Strike me, Pahn!" Defend Attack
"You're a smart one, Pahn." Defend Attack
"Good work, Pahn. I'll have to be more careful." Defend Attack
"Come one, Pahn. See if you can kill me." Defend Attack
"I'll see that coming next time!" Defend Attack

Here's something else to try: It is possible to get Teo to do more Desperate Attacks! Use this trick, and simply keep defending against Teo's attacks, and you should emerge victorious!

  1. Say "Yes" the first time Mathiu asks if you are ready to fight your father.
  2. In the battle with Teo's army use magic all three times.
  3. When Pahn asks you for permission to fight Teo, keeping saying, "I'll see you later" until Mathiu intervenes and tells you that you have more important things to attend to.
  4. Wish Pahn good luck.

This has not been personally tested yet, but it has been confirmed by a reliable source.

Secret Runes
It may be trying for some players to get started early in the game. A challenging yet rewarding way to give yourself a helping hand and a prosperous start is to venture to Sarady for a special Rune.

After your audience with the Emperor, you go home. When you are told to meet Ted, you can either leave the house immediately and earn a Fortune Rune, or bring Ted with you to receive a Prosperity Rune. Leave Gregminster, then travel west and then south a ways to find a bridge that will lead to Mt. Tigerwolf. At the other side lies Sarady.

Be forewarned that such a task is not an easy one! The journey is a very long and weary one for such a small party, so it would be wise to visit Marco in Rockland (to the east) to win some money. Then buy the best armor you can afford, as well as many Medicines as you can carry and at least one Antitoxin. Also, try and keep an extra 7000 bits in your wallet, as Sarady will be selling Water Crystals.

It would be best to level up as well. The monsters on Mt. Tigerwolf are fearsome creatures, but as long as you are at a high enough level, you should be able to escape from them. The "Let Go" option, unlike the "Run" option it replaces, has a 100% success rate.

With your newfound Fortune or Prosperity Rune, and possibly even a Water Rune, the upcoming battles should be less daunting and your journey more enjoyable.

Win Big With Marco's Game
A good way to come up with some easy cash in the game is to visit Marco (originally found in Rockland), who will challenge you to a game. It is easy enough if you bet small sums of money, but as the stakes rise so does the difficulty. Fortunately, the pattern does not.

Marco actually uses two distinct patterns! It is random which pattern is used, however. Bet a small amount (100 bits) if you are not sure which the next cup will be.

The patterns below work for some people. BE CAUTIONED, however, that your individual patterns may vary. Find the patterns out on your own by betting small amounts, then jotting them down. Remember, the pattern does NOT change as your bet increases!

Unfortunatly, once Marco is recruited, there appears to be no pattern.

L=Left cup
M=Middle cup
R=Right cup

M, L, M, L, R, R, L, L, M, L
M, L, R, M, R, L, R, M, M, M

Perhaps Konami found out the pattern was so well advertised, and released another version of the game with a different pattern? It is also possible that each CD is different... However, it appears to remain true that once you have found your own patterns, they will never change. If this does not work for you, please let me know. Thanks to!

When certain characters are low on health (so low that they must rest in a weakened posture), there are other "protector" characters that will jump in front and take any hits directed at them. This protector/portected relationship is always related to that of the characters themselves, be it for love, friendship, or other reasons.

Protector Protected
Gremio Hero
Cleo Hero
Pahn Hero
Kasumi Hero
Pahn Cleo
Camille Gremio
Lepant Eileen
Eileen Lepant
Eileen Sheena
Tai Ho Yam Koo
Yam Koo Tai Ho
Kimberly Tai Ho
Hix Tengaar
Gon Kuromimi

Both characters must be in the same party for this to work (of course).

Recharge Multi-Use Items
The following items have multiple uses: Medicine, Antitoxin, Needle, and Mega Medicine. As long as you have at least one use left, you can "recharge" them. Simple deposit the item into Rock's vault and withdraw it. The item's original number of uses will be restored.

Created: April 19, 1997
Updated: October 26, 1997

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